The Gracecom Experience

Committed to Excellence

For over 25 years, we have been building our telecommunications business around a profoundly simple realization: We're not selling routers, servers, or cables; we're selling The Gracecom Experience. Sure, we know the technology of telecommunications better than anyone, because it's our job to know those things. But we figured out a long time ago that our 2,000 customers don't choose us for our technical wizardry. They choose us because we prioritize all of the things that make any good relationship work: open and respectful communication, a genuine understanding of one another's needs, and a sincere interest in seeing one another flourish. A long term partnership if you will. That's The Gracecom Experience.

Patrick Grace
and Kevin Grace

True Leaders

At Gracecom, we view ourselves as true leaders in customized application of telecommunications technology. That may sound fancy, but all it means is that we don't force square pegs into round holes. We want to provide our customers with exactly what they need, nothing more and nothing less. And how do we do that? By asking questions.

Some companies want to turn the sales process into a pageant, always trying to convince customers that they're the best of the bunch. They talk a lot about themselves, their size or their reputation. At Gracecom, we'd rather talk about your business.

So before we try to sell anything to our customers, we always ask questions ' lots and lots of questions.

Our People

That experience is made possible by the unique culture we foster within our organization. We don't hire good workers; we hire great people. And we allow them to work in an atmosphere of freedom, trust, and creativity, not one of bureaucracy and micromanagement. In some companies, employee accountability is measured in margins and overhead. At Gracecom, the only kind of accountability we care about is that our customers have a great experience with us. Our team reaps the benefits of their efforts by enjoying 10% of our net profit. We also promote a philosophy of sharing our good fortune outside the walls of Gracecom, giving 2% of our gross profits to charitable concerns.

The importance of asking questions, the willingness to learn something new, and the desire to give back are at the core of our customer service philosophy.


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